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Front Drop Spindle Disc Brake Kit - Link-Pin - 5 on 205mm   22-2925-0    
A dropped front stance and classic 5/205 wheels combined with modern brake technology. That's what you'll get with EMPI's 2 1/2" Drop Spindle 5/205 brake kit. Kit includes spindles, calipers, pads, bearings, grease seals, clamp nuts, and installation hardware. 1/4" wheel off-set per side. The ride quality & steering geometry stays the same as your stock setup with this kit, so you can utilize your stock shocks. These brakes work with stock or custom wheels, no fitment issues or clearance problems with any 15" or larger 205X5 lug wheels, you can utilize your stock shocks with this kit. Fits Type 1 Beetle/Ghia thru 1965 with Link Pin/King Pin front end.  
Brake Hoses: 
King Pin Set: 
Link Pin Set: 
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Set  $349.00 

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