EMPI 40/44 HPMX Single Carburetor Kits
      EMPI HPMX Carburetor Kits
  For those that choose ease of maintenance along with performance gains, the single 40/44 HPMX is the set-up of choice. For the basic 1600-1800cc, the 40 HPMX Kit is a torquey option. For all out performance, the way to go is the 44 HPMX. Both carb kits come with an assortment of jets to tune your carburetor. EMPI also has available a selection of jets if your application requires further "dialing in". Complete kits feature Aluminum Center-Section Manifold, Aircraft Style Heim Joint Linkage, Chrome Air Cleaner with gauze element, gaskets and hardware. Complete with detailed illustrated instructions. Fits Type 1 1600cc based upright engines. (Requires P/N: 3236 dual port end kit or P/N: 3237 single port end kit)

Single HPMX Kits - Type I

47-7315-0 EMPI 40  HPMX Single Carburetor Kit - comes with velocity stacks. $319.00 Kit
47-7316-0 EMPI 44 HPMX Single Carburetor Kit - comes with velocity stacks. $319.00 Kit
EMPI HPMX Single Kits - Type I

Outstanding Features

  • Aluminum center section manifold with steel tubes !
  • Linkage Kit !
  • Intake Manifolds boots & clamps !
  • Hi-Strength Steel Linkage Mounts !
  • EMPI Hi-Flow Air Filter Element !
  • EMPI Chrome Steel Air Cleaner Assembly !
  • Detailed Instructions with Full Illustrations !
  • EMPI 40 & 44 HPMX both come with chrome velocity stacks !

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