EMPI® Weber 34 ICT Carb Kits
Weber ICT Carburetor Kits
Weber Carburetors - Performance, reliability, and race proven for decades. Weber Carburetors offer ultimate engine tuning with total air and fuel metering an adjustment. The ICT Plus series have separate idle and main circuits featuring changeable air and fuel jets.

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 Dual Weber  34 ICT Kits

Outstanding Features

  • Aluminum Alloy Hex Crossbar Bar with Steel Ball ends !
  • Sealed “Aircraft” Rod Ends (not stamped style) !
  • High Flow  Aluminum Intake Manifolds !
  • Hi-Strength Steel Linkage Mounts !
  • Thick High Strength Steel Linkage Mounts !
  • Chrome/Gauze  Hi-Flow 1Pc. Air Filter Assemblies !
  • Coil Relocation Mount !
  • Brass Fuel Tee !
  • Detailed Instructions with Full Illustrations !
43-7401-0 34 ICT Weber Dual Carburetor Kit - Single Port - Type I EMPI IDF Carbs        $499.00 Set
43-7411-0 34 ICT Weber Dual Carburetor Kit - Dual Port - Type I EMPI IDF Carbs    $469.00  Set
43-7311-0 34 ICT Weber Dual Carburetor Kit - Dual Port - Type 3  EMPI IDF Carbs         $499.00 Set
43-7412-0 34 ICT Weber Dual Carburetor Kit - Type 2/4  1700-2000cc            $499.00 Set
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